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SoyItTM 32oz, 1GL (4 per case), 5GL

Concrete-Masonry Graffiti Remover

★★★★★5  (879Reviews)

60-01040-RU, 60-05000-RU

SoyItULTRA  is a ready-to-use formulation designed to remove graffiti-tags, spray paints, inks, felt-pen markers, wax-crayons and more from concrete-masonry, brick and stone surfaces. Ideal for bare, exposed and unprotected concrete, brick and masonry. Works in conjunction with pressure washing systems to remove graffiti-tagging in one application. Helps to eliminate sand-blasting and excessive paint-over. Preferred by Mass Transit Authorities, School Districts, Colleges, Public Works, Cities, and Contractors. FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Follow good safety practices.


Directions for Use

Directions: Use full strengt, apply to graffiti-tagged areas.  

  1. Brush or broom, 2-3 times onto surface.

  2. Leave on surface for 5-10 minutes. 

  3. Scrub or agitate to alecerate the cleaning process.

  4. Keep graffiti-tagged area soaked. 

  5. Then pressure-wash graffiti from surface. 

Customer Reviews 

★★★★★5 This Product Really Works

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