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Take Back
Your City

Ultimate Surface CleanersTM

Envirotek is a Southern California based company that was founded to development of state-of-the-art environmentally beneficial cleaning products, paints and coatings. Since its orginal conception with Dr. Larry Moore, Envirotek has remained true to its core principles of caring for people and for the planet. Today, our products are used by thousands of people daily. Our major products trusted and relied upon by consumers, counties, cities, schools and industry alike. 

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Take Back Your CityTM

​Our product range and expertise in application are continually expanding to help solve the most difficult cleaning and coating challenges. We hope to produce the best in high-performance cleaner/degreasers, soaps, hand cleaners, hard surface cleaners, graffiti removers, paint and coatings, and provide the utmost in customer service. 

For All Your Tough JobsTM
Commercial Power Wash

We incorporate practical, effective and innovative solutions to problems caused by grease-grime, soils, graffiti, oils and contaminants deposited on substrates. Surface preparation is one of our most important considerations. Our paint-coatings serve a host of diverse applications for both industry and the consumer.

Indoor Cleaning

Over the years, Envirotek has developed, and today manufactures a variety of surface cleaners, paints and coatings that are biodegradable and VOC compliance, environmentally safe alternatives that meet the ever changing demands for both better and safer environmentally-friendly products

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